Monday, June 22

Isnin yang biru. Selasa yang pilu.


Just a quick update;

1. H1N1 is getting nearer everyday. One day its in KL, and today its already in PJ. Please wear mask if you have cold or flu; wash your hand frequently and avoid public places for a while.

2. Today is already end of June and before you know it, Ramadan is around the corner. I pray for more bliss and happiness throughout the year, Amiin.

3. Wishing to get a slot for Transformer II movie, and I've heard the tickets have already sold out since the opening on the 16th, for premier and worldwide view on 23rd and 24th.Dasyatt~

4. I am already missing a public holiday; there is none for next month. Should I apply for leave, again?

5. Yesterday was supposed to be my blues day; but instead somehow I have been jolt with enough motivation to finish up paperwork and today.. is a bit mellow. I am finding some ways to get back on track, should not fall into this lazy trap even how tempting it is..

Till then.


nieda said...

so bila further study?

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

nieda: shall not reveal any of the matters yet!

Letak la lagi gambo baby..