Wednesday, July 1

Chata Chitto~

Salam to All.

Lately, I have been suffocate with tremendous amount of ad hoc matters that really doesn't suit the purpose of the situations.

But hey, life is not life if its not colorful isn't it?

So, blow that thing away from my precious mind as I have many things to worried about eg. my weight, my looks etc etc..

Alhamdulillah, a quick update to my life now seeing everything is and hopefully will be still bliss and cheerful always. There are some hiccups along the way but don't let me start on the colorful life talk again.

I am over with MJ death by now. Maybe the aura of "redha" just filling in the empty space of my bimbo's mind. If its true he have been a Muslim, I will always recite Al - Fatiha to him, may he will be at peace..

Back to the life concerning matter; I am hoping to get some new shoes and perfumes. **hint.

I am busy preparing myself for some language test and I do really hope I can pass it with flying , no maybe springingly success so that it will be worth it every cents of that RMxxx.

Education can be darn expensive.

Pray for good things happen to me uolss..


KeMatZ said...

good luck 4 ur examination...

Sky Before Pinky said...

always wish u good luck.. you can do it.

mazlan said...

kematz: thank you..

Sky before Pinky: Thanks!!