Friday, July 3

Comedy in Malaysia.

It is hard enough for us all to go through the day with such hustle and stress; and all we wanted to do at the end of the day are chill and relax. One of many good ways to relief build up stress is by laughing. We all love to laugh; and to do that we know that we need a mechanism to generate it.

At what and who? I mean, there will be always the creator behind everything, hence the inventor of giggling our stomach out.

There were times in Malaysia where comedy are being restricted to not to touch any of racial, politics, and other sentiment that are considered taboo. But now, the Malaysian have broaden their mind and cynical humors are taken lightly rather than a feedback of an awkward silence.

Afdlin Shauki: One of Malaysian idealistic comedian.

The humors evolutions starting from the black and white Charlie Chaplin slapstick's performance; and when Malaysian are pro enough to make our own shows; the P.Ramlee everlasting slapsticks plus moral and cultural values jokes are everywhere. I still enjoyed some of the films until now.

When the black box became coloured box; the 90's are full with comedy show like Baba and Nyoya and the one I truly remember was the Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu, because the line up was multi cultured and the jokes is effected with our life back then and people acknowledge that.

Remember Pak Uda in Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu who always falsely buttoned it clothes? (the guy with the kissy is unknown.)

Imuda @ Budin the unemployed dude that always been the target suspect if there is any crime going on.

After the rise of the Pi Mai Pi Mai seems to fade off after a while; there are some other comedy show which I cannot recall right now and I think one of it will be Jangan Ketawa. It created a controversy rumors as the actor whose always crossed dress as a women is being accused with many false accusation and somehow the show stopped.

Many of the err... crossed dresser claim that Dee's appearance are mocking rather than being funny to them.

There are many of independent comedy shows everywhere. I personally love Salleh Yaakob, Din Beramboi and Saiful Apek. They all have experience nagatives reviews and cionstant pressure of providing update laughter materials. Maybe they are all being despised at but for me; they all have thier own strength and style.

He have made Tanjung Rambutan instituition an instant hit from one of his witty songs

He have made quite an impressive comeback after his legal action on copyright to one of the comic in Malaysia.

Yeah. He have made some revolution to the local comedy scene; the kids love him. Many of his "berdetak jantung", His witty remarks and his roller shoes.

***Above pictures are just to name a few. There are many more comedian that are talented and have thier own set of fans.

So, what makes a very good comedian?Anyone?

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