Monday, August 3

Lady Gaga in Singapore!!

It just another good reason to visit our neighboring country; apart from end-of-the-year sale shopping spree..Sadly I am not going to be there until after the 13th.


Me and some friends (17 of them) gather together and feast and bitch about life and other people at Flamming Buffet Sunway. It was a sure winner; an impromptu event that Mazlly and I held to sort of 'reunite' some of our long lost friends. It only took us a few days before to organize this and although it is self-sponsored, and thank you Mazlly that have sponsored a delicious choc cake, everybody had a wonderful time, am sure of it.

The Pink organizer and cake

Smiling and stuffed faces..

Our looong table

The event took place on last Sunday, 2nd of August 2009 that happened to be A Friendship Day and it all like became relevant.

--> Although I had no meal for lunch to prepare for the buffet, only a few trips to the buffet tables made me full already

--> Some of the friends arrived late, expectedly and it drove the waiter nuts to head count everyone.

--> We are searching for the next vanue for our berbuka puasa. Places of interest anyone?

To Zam, Naim, Ain, Pak Tam,Yani Hampeh, Meor, Syierah, Ana, Haris, Ayu-Mel, Is, Zura, Cical, Chuck, Mike, Rafi, Syuq, Pyar, Din and Ija. Thank you for being there that day.


Adam Arjuna said...

err.... confius!!

apa kaitan title entry ko kali ni, ngan cerita friendship day ni??


abut anyway, itwas such a great day kan...

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

kan? besela aku kan kecelaruan je skang nih..

KeMatZ said...

wow lajunye korang update...

thanx sebab invite aku..

adam.. tu biasalahh tu.. nak kasik naik hit blog dia lahh tu....

nieda said...

buka pose maybe bleh join...last yang organize dulu pun Ana..Cari tempat yang tak sesak lah, pastu selesa untuk budak kecik..hehe