Wednesday, July 29

Can I throw away this *&^^ a/c?

For the past few days of this week, my library a/c have been not working well, resulted with only a shy blow for us to bare with this heat weather. I am running out of complain forms, I have been complaining and matters have been taken as the technician have came twice.

Should I just disable the parts and throw it to the nearest lake.


Meanwhile, I am anxious to wait for my result. Hopefully everything went well. It driving me nuts.

I have been thinking of doing some sort of physical makeover (a part form growing horizontally each bloody week) , like my hair. I know some of you will see no point of having to do something beneath covered hair but it matters because I can flaunt it for my berangan time for myself and also a gift for my husband. (at least I will look more decent than having my hair up clipped and end up looking like a scary ghost. hehe)

It will be easy if I had normal straight hair. But I don't. My hair is very wavy and it tends to make more curls at the end of it. If I opt for a short hair and knowing myself with low maintenance ability it will end up cow licked and improper.

Maybe a little cut and color will be nice.

Boleh tak Sai?

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