Sunday, August 9

Next Big Leap.

Last weekend, my husband and I went to Summit for G.I Joe. Smashing cool.. For those who have not seen it, please go and watch. I have a friend that claims himself to be sleeping for the entire Transformer show, but G.I Joe keep him at the edge of his seat. It took us the whole day as we stroll along that mall hours before our showtime. It took me back a little, I felt uneasy and tired today and a part form the lazy mondayness I always have, maybe that got something to do with it too.

I wish the accelerator suits that kind are for sale here. So much so that I can jump around to work or chasing bad guys on the streets in between or just accidentally squashing a car or two.

Hehe. Lovely thought.

Alhamdulillah, I have passed with unexpected marks for my english test. Now that have been done, I need to settle tons of other forms and procedures and authorizing my certs and on and on and on.. 2 months earlier I was counting my blessing to have been lucky and now that the light of beaurocracy have taken it place; I am not so sure about it anymore.

Well, I think it might just have been a jolt of nervousity.

My husband and I have planned to have a small trip during this weekend to the neighbouring country and I hope that I could find something special there to bring back. In other words, IF I could find the monetary funding to buy that gorgeous shoes/purses I saw via net that day.

Happy Mournday.