Friday, August 14

Mixed feeling.

I am pissed.

Last few days have been very unexpected days to me. Some of it good but some of it doesn't fall in any of the two categories (good or bad). Most of the time now I feel rather numb about everything. like oh, surprise (ok.), oh my God there is a cat in the hole (ok.), I am getting fatter (ok.). It just as if I have lost my senses. I don't really know the terms for it but it must have something to do with psychiatric dimensions in my genius mind that have been too tired of.. everything lately.

Hopefully my counting of blessing deserves some solace.


It turn out that Horatio's death was bogus. I was so excited for it to end and thought it will be a good one.

Well, okay real life is more important.

**end of selingan**

With H1N1 growing day by day; as a good samaritan (ehem!) I would like you guys to help yourself prevent this epidemic sickness by 3 simple steps;

1. Wash you hands; even when you dont have too. There is 65% higher chances of people to get an airborne infections by touching or exchanging the most little fluid of saliva. It is better for you to follow the correct ways of washing hands using soap produced by the Ministry of Health.

2. Cover your mouth with a hankerchief or towels or tissue while coughing or sneezing. This not only applied to prevent infections, it is a good ethic to oblige.

3. Stay quarantine when you are told to do so. You act may save life.

There you have it. A simple steps to follow.

I am going away for a few days this weekend; tskk.. I cant wait.