Wednesday, August 26

Ramadhan - a special month.

.:. Salam Ramadhan to all..:.

It have been 4 days we fast this year. Any luck that our iman-o-meter piling up, burningly? With all the stalls and foods sold; for me it is quite a challenge.

I remember 8 years ago, when our surau decided to have our morray ( a feast sponsored by whoever wishes to donate during Ramadhan) to be served in a big round tray instead of a buffet; we felt a little bit resent. We were concern about hygiene and responds from the other Muslim people around, afraid that they will refuse to take part of our morray.

I remember that is the thing that made me grew to be comfortable to be one of the jemaah in surau.

nasi ambang

Soon after it started, we realized that we have sort of invent something like a tradition; to break our fast together by eating together in a shared round tray. It is nothing like nasi ambang, where the foods being mixed up all together. Ours is divided into 4 sections of rice, a bowl or two of some lauk and some vegetables on the side. One tray can be consume by 4 people. Children all ages can't wait for breaking thier fast at surau. Blooming teenagers taking advantages by gather around thier click and catching up with each other meanwhile ayah-ayah and mak-mak .. well, being them as always.Hehe..

It is just an amazing breakthrough as it was started as to save up energy and manpower for dish washing, turned into something that cant wait to be shared. We even prefer to be served in trays rather than plates whenever there is any ocassions in Surau now.

Jemaah first, we eat together later..

Our breaking fast ritual starter are some kuih or light snacks brought by housewives or some people like me that are too busy or lazy to baked/cooked any will buy something from the bazaar. Minutes before the azan, we will be busy preparing and diving dishes for 2 sections; men's and women's. As soon as the azan start, we will dig in lightly because only 5-10 minutes time were given to finish up fast and perform our Maghrib jemaah together. Then only we all gathered again to feast the rice. I can still hear the kecohness, simply harmoniuos to my ear.

It shows intergration and educate the young ones to apply the same.

After that, Isyak will come with tarawikh and again we all beamingly joined the crowd. The terawikh are held and perform 20 (ye ke? kantoi buat 8 selalu, hehe) rakaat each time. This routine will go around for 30 days.

Praying hard to be forgiven by Him; though in the sme time have mercy and provide me health and wealth

And.. after the 30 days, I am sure residence of Tmn Desaria will found themselves missing something. Missing something that have been shared over a month. Missing that touch, that smiles and that moments that only Ramadhan can provide us with?

Can we already miss Ramadhan, when it only days for us in it?


Asu said...

Salam Ramadhan Dear, may this Ramadhan shall bring us prosper and blessings throughout the year..love u baby..muahhh

mazlan said...

love you too.. muah muah..