Thursday, September 10

Raya spree and Kuih

This year, my husband and I will celebrate Raya here in Sunway, before heading off to my uncle's place in Muar the next day. Reason being, on the third the my bro-in-law is getting engage and I have to freeze my plan for bringing my husband to Ipoh to visit my extended families and friends for we are going to Malacca for meminang.

Well, maybe next time.

Today is already the 21st day in Ramadhan, and suprisingly I am not enthusiastic over any shopping spree. I have been to Mydin earlier this week to accompany my brother to buy his baju melayu ( the quality is good hence it is quite a bargain). I have been to several hot places like the PKNS Shah Alam, Sunway Pyramid and Midvalley but nothing intrigued me just yet.

I dont really mind wearing one of my baju kurung that have overflown the closet.

Since this will be the first time dearest hubby will spend the Raya with us (well, technically only the first day or maybe the second because we will be joining the rest of his family in Malacca) I have decided to cook some special delicacies.

Rendang Tok

Rendang Tok was my late grandmother speciality. Some say hers was the best. I hope my mother and I would come up with similar taste as it should be. I dearly hope we have the endurance to cook for long hours as rendang tok took 6-7 hours for it to get cooked evenly.

ketupat daun palas

This is my father's favourite. Only that the kelongsong made from daun palas is harder to get than the normal ketupat. I am sure we will come up with something. Maybe put it in plastic instead, no? haha.

I also have ordered some kuih but some of it I rather bake myself.

Kuih Tart

I love tart gulung but if the jam not moist enough it will taste less sedap. My pineapple jam is a little bit dry so this kind of tart will do the best for it.


This cute one is our favourite in my family. It tasted mildly sweet as it is mixed with icing sugar but if you measure it wrongly, it will only taste like the tepung.

Mama Carey

I am not going to bake it, but I am sure enough to have it in one of my kuih collections for Raya. Do you guys know where to get the best Mama carey?

That's it then. I am going to make a list for what I need to do before and during Raya.

Happy weekends uolls..