Sunday, August 23

Singapore .:. Jalan - Jalan .:.

Above picture credited to the Singapore site. Yeah, I finally went there. After Bandung, my hubby and I have decided to make full use of our passports.

So when my SIL called to ask us to go back to JB for her convocation, we just cant refuse. The timing was perfect.

Since the convocation would be on Sunday, and my SIL have a tea party with the big shots to celebrate the genius people in UTM; my hubby and FIL and also me head off to CIQ to enter Singapore.

Me at Arab Street

The first destination was the Arab St. It was the place to stay for all Hajj pilgrims from all over Asia like Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, to name a few. That is why until now there are still traders of all sorts came from Saudi, and other Arabic countries. The place now are the main tourist attraction.

Gado-Gado Singapura

I've tried the gado-gado. It was delicious eventhough I felt bloated after that ; resulted from too many eating frenzy. There, the local small bistro's mushroomed up the streets and it sort of accupied the Singaporean the 'kopitiam' as they loved their cousines.

Murtabak Singapore

Another popular food there in Arab street is murtabak singapore. It taste no different from our's only a little bit dry and it served with slices of cucumber with ketchup rather than pink cherlot.

Most of the places in Singapore are non-smoking one. But we noticed some of the locals dengan selambanya smoking but cover- cover in one mamak restaurant in front of Mustafa's.

to be continued..


KeMatZ said...

apakah ini????

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

dah edit la.. hehehe

SyuQ said...


aku rasa baru 2 minggu tak jmp kau. nape badan kau nampak lite2 berisi sket... are u pregnant?

btw... miss u so much dear. teringat kita berbuka pose kat singahsana. mendengar kelunakan alunan suara allahyarham ustaz asri mengalun merdu irama intifada...

Asu said...

bestnya..nak itut

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

kna.. kau nak kene tumbuk ke syuk? berani nak ngata badan aku gemok.. sensitip tau..


Insyaallah, kalau kita sama2 ade masa boleh je nak berbuka sama2