Wednesday, October 28

Online @ Pearl Int. Hotel, PJ. & Dynasty Hotel, K.L.

Today is the 3rd day of a 4-days training for MOE SPSS smart's schools. I am lucky enough to be a protege and it is a great preparation for myself for being at the head of the classroom later.

We never know what kind of good comes when you have submit some in the past.

It will be only days before I will last called as a librarian. I am surely will be missing all the actions and friends I made along the journey. But first, there will be a great project for me to finish before bidding farewell.

I felt that a sudden panic attacking me. I dont think I'm ready just yet.

Oh, well.

I cant dream a dream of highest peak of the mountain, and refuse to struggle climbing for it, right?

P/S: Food here is not bad, but there are too many people at one time. And I have heard that the rate per room here is astonishingly high.

Okay, till then. Or at least until the training ends.


Some of the IT consultant of Rebound Asia. habihla korang semua nanti cikgu cikgu pusat sumber menghantui korang.. hehe

Banner untuk training di Dynasty. Sedap weyh makan kat sini.. hehe

The trainer have to wear a mask because of severe flu. **Macam mask rider kata mereka. hehehe

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