Friday, November 27

The shifting process is not entirely done but Im leaving so I dont think it is my concern anymore.

Hello. It has been a long time since I sit in front of a PC. The unpacking process have taken so much time and there are many itsy bitsy things that need to be done fast before my last day.

Alhamdulillah.. the new librarian have came in last week and handover notes have been done so far everything except the acquisition part have been covered; plus I am sure with the experience that he had previously, he will not have any problems handling this library.

Good luck for your future library undertaking, Syuq. Beware of the office 'snakes' and 'sparrows'.. Haha.

Bold move from a person that already decide not to give a twit of concern anymore.

These are the boxes of books that have been arranged accordingly and labelled by using call no.

The shelves have been disambled and taken to the new place; leaving boxes of books behind. If I am not mistaken, 180 boxes all together for books, more than 20 boxes for library documents and other stuff, 12 boxes of library PCs and 32 boxes of library file holders.

This is the internet usage station for students and I will definitely miss this arrangement as in the new building the arrangement is rather vertically boring.

This is Fiza in the new building. She probably thinking hard on how to settle this hundred of boxes with only 4-6 people power?You can see behind is the metal pieces of the shelves being lay down and ready to reassamble. We are all very sceptical on meeting the dateline but hehe.. But we have made it, with the help of a few good people around.. We thank you all for your support!! (You know who you are guys~)

The library is partially done when we open it up for students and within a few days and weeks, the internet connection is on and soon we will have the new photocopy and printing services (with a charge card, students have to buy lorr..)

It is overwhelming to see that through our sweat and dreadful hours, it turn into something that everyone give compliments to.

**big smile here.

Within the last few days, we have held a pot-luck party to welcome Syuqri into this team and I got to say proper goodbyes to everyone that have been through a lot with me.

Pictures will be put up later.

Till then.