Sunday, December 6

A Breath of Fresh Air - everybody's remedy

I never had the chance to say a proper goodbye to whom that may concern liaising with me throughout the entire time of me being a librarian in UCI.

Maybe it had saved many tears and helped me to move on fast. I missed them already; but thinking about the workload I have been given and how many times I cried alone in the bathroom; How many calls the suppliers have made to scream to me asking for their money (which by the way, they have to ask the finance regarding any payments) and endless paperwork and tons of billions other things that made me, I think to resign is the best option.

I admit that I kept myself remote from others from the first few months I joined there. It kept my perspective straight and away from the office/management bureaucracy. Only later that I have made some friends to vent my frustration or just gossiping.


It has been a week that I have become jobless. I may will be starting on my part time soon, and I have start preparing for me to start studying. I may go somewhere where passports need to be taken together soon for a quick break cum business opportunity.

Talking about this makes my stomach twirl with fright. I hope I have what it takes to endure such things all over again.


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