Wednesday, February 3

A start of a heavy battle..with myself.

First, let me tell you what happen in Pangsun.

The birds were chirping, and the weather was just nice, all participants going crazy over the obstacles course and the extreme sports and spending time for tazkirah and some motivational segments. Only thing is,

I was forbidden to go. (due to my fragile condition, I was advice to stay at home and rest.)

I am actually excited at the very last minute to join. Well, maybe next trip then.

It is now past 11 pm, and I am a little bit tired from class but I have to get something done before tomorrow noon or else this will badgering my mind and I will not have a happy weekend. I realize that I am a bit slow catching up while others have submitted their paper ages ago, I am still battering my eyelashes to complete only half of it.

A sign of aging, perhaps?

I am lucky to have close members that enthusiastically motivates me day to day to survive each assignments.

I am now praying hard to be able to complete it all, and for that I am trying to find my inner-will that seems to be somewhere but here, now.

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