Wednesday, January 27

Nur Lembah Pangsun, here I come....

Today is Thurday, 28th January 2010.

Time: 12.43pm

Location: my room.

Current Mood: Swingingly.

Tommorow will be my 1st time ever to be outstation. Ok. It is not really an outstation. I have to attend a motivational camp due to some indigenous idea to ensure people like us keep up a certain level of motivational level .


I am in the brinks of giving it all up, assessment keep piling up and my body could not comprehend much longer haul as it used to. Maybe a motivational jolt is what i really need now.

Speaking of which, the camp will be in Hulu Langat area and there will be a lot of outdoor activities which I could not attend, to lazy to participate, no mood to join. But remind me to bring along my camera so that I could capture all those actions happening there.

I am looking forward to go to this wedding, which started on the day the camp supposed to ends, I hope I could make it, I miss loitering and gossiping around my girlfriends.

Studying make me feel so lonely.

I need to get back to my critical review, for the umpteenth editing. See you.