Monday, January 17

Ignite the light (if you have one)

Suddenly the crave to write had stopped.

Im been having too much luxury time and now when finally it constraints me of doing something I like, the need to express spurs.

Well, I'm only human.

So, new year. Frankly, there is no excitement having to have a fresh start. This year begin with the fact that I am nearly to hit that big 3-0. What I have achieve so far is far beyond shame. Or maybe I expect too much?

I am looking forward to finish big this semester. Started with a little bumpy (literally) and had vanish the will to focus plus the bitter detoriation of interest had taken me back but I am now looking at life like Katy Perry's song.*

Yes, I might not have the same space and free time like others but hey, a few like mua had done it and why not me?

So, lets just hope that this optimistic feeling is here to stay.

*Fireworks, that is.