Tuesday, December 14

So, I finally got the time..

*dah bersarang rupanya blog ni.

November have been very VERY generous to me. I got to spend time with Ayra and my family and myself more. Hence the fact that I vowed to trim my figure; to shed off the pregnancy weight but it seems no avail. Laziness have taken it justice.

My mom have safely undergone a major surgery to remove the uterus; which later we found that there are more story of it than just stopping her overflowed menses due to her pre-menopaus state. But that just something I rather keep it to myself and rant about it just yet.

So, I got to take over the chores; laundry plus cooking (which I'm getting better, yeay to that) plus chores plus errands plus taking care of my baby girl and also my mom. All of it makes me tired but to see my little angel smiles and gigles and learn new tricks makes all the effort seems easy and fun.


Now that the end on 2010 is getting nearer, I wondered wether my existance as a daughter, a student, a wife and also a mother have given me some perspectives on life. But I am too busy playing all the roles and never to stop thinking about it, by just doing it bit by bit that I conclude myself to be a learnning object towards developing its own wisdom.

There were times when the outcomes have not to my liking, and there can be so many reasons to it but only self infliction can be to blame.

I once look life as a vaccuum cleaner; it sucks. But I stand to the momentoes by diverting the sense of positiveness into the word of wisdom; Let it be a vaccumm cleaner; it sucks dirt and let freshness stays.


KeMatZ said...

kan... ko dah lama tak hapdet... rasa macam ko dah bersara jer dari dunia blog.... wakakkaka

apa apa pun welcome back.... :P

Wan said...

kesian ayu bz...heheh