Tuesday, May 31


2 weeks ago, I was bustling to get my IS done, so that I have my own sweetest time as in holiday, before I start a new chapter in my after-student life. But Allah had other plans. Right after I submit my final assesments, I have been assigned to involves in the Faculty on-going project.

My feeling? Hmm.. I dont know, wether to be frustrated or happy or delightful but one thing for sure, from the moment I took a step inside the project room, I knew I am heading for something big.

No holiday for me I guess.

Will be continue soon.


nieda said...

congrates Ayu, berjaya habiskan master. bukan satu benda yg mudah bila dh ada anak kecil ni..
takpe, semua tu pengalaman..holiday weekend jelah.hehe

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

thanks Nieda.