Monday, June 6

Beauty Products

To whoever people that know me for the past years, they will know that I am not the type that will hustle on beauty products. But now, as I have grew older (and inches sideways..hehe) I sometimes spend some of my time surfing for beauty enhancement products and services. I have known some of my friends that are devoted to thier beauty regime, and some of them go with the latest trend on the market, and most is like me, ignorance beauty brat. Heh.

Is having the complete set of beauty-related stuff will make our life more than it is or it is just a hoax of the industry to proclaim mandatory for women to be justified according to what they have/wear/apply?

I am not opposing the need to stay beautiful and healthy. I am just curious on how other woman, like myself see this through. Below I list the common beauty products that have been labeled a must-have item.

1. Facial Cleanser/Toner/Moisturizer

Since I was thirteen years old, I have been bombarded with the perfect figure of a woman should be, thin and nice skin. It is quite rough years for me, as I am fighting with severe acne all over my face. Some friends jokingly describe my face as a moon, smooth by far but scar-able when see up close.

So, I have been to the supermarket/pharmacy/clinics to seek for the best facial cleansers and regime for me. As the years goes by, I have used almost all over-the-counter trios of cleanser,toner and moisturizer and one thing I can be assured is that nothing can give 100% guarantee that the skin will be smooth forever, as in my case it is hormonal so everytime I tried a product, it only lasted a while before the pimples come back again.

It is all about determination and constant usage of the product that only we can get the (desire) result on the long run.

2. Make-ups

Using eye shadows and blushers, lipstick and eyeliners does have a certain positive aura to one nature self. This is said based on my own understanding and experience, whilst the moments from being normal to being superbabe- normal. The reason is that while everyday we have deal with our natural self without having any foreign marks on our face. Next after we put on make ups or just a simple lippie and powder our self we found the person in the mirror is a little bit fresher than ordinary.

Maybe it is all just in our mind.

3. Spa packages

I love going to the spa, to have a relaxing times and come out feeling like a diva. Milk bath, coconut scrub, massages, facials, and also medi-pedi will ensure that the women will feel most girlie and the fact that some massages or treatment offered is said that it can reduce weight and fat, is most flatterring for people like me. Only thing is, here in Malaysia we are not accustomed to splurge on self-indulgence activities, we often opt spending our money where we can enjoy it together with loved ones, nice food, vacations etc.


So, I must find myself a spa-buddy soon.

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