Monday, June 13


Salam to all. Today is not a very productive day for me. And therefore I am proudly to do this tag from a beauty blog mywomenstuff.

  1. Are you into diets and dieting?
I dont think so. I love food. That contributed for my body-scale expansion but still, I am watching what I eat. Dieting for me comes when it is fasting month, I do hope that the weight scale will be good to me this year.
  1. Sweet or savoury?
Sweet. Eh, savoury. No, sweet. I think its both. I always love junk food, wether it is sweets like ice creams, marshmellows, sweets, or tasty chips and such. This is also why I am not into dieting at the first place.
  1. Are you hot tempered?
No. I often raised my voice whenever something not right has been happening for quite a time. I dont bother to question any incidents that are too pitsy to critically analyzed. But, I do have my saiko moments esspecially during that time of the month.
  1. One beauty item you’ve been experimenting with this week?
Eye shadow. I bought it after visualizing myself with coloured-contacts and heavy false lashes. I am now experimenting with the color yellow and green because as for purple, pink and brown, those colour I have been using like forever. Lets pray that I dont end up looking like an iguana.
  1. Do you shop online?
Sometimes. Most of the stuff I bought is for Ayra, just a few of the stuff goes to me like shawl and such. My husband however love to shop online, and he has bought stuffs from absorber for Perdana to Fogskin sunglasses.

Ok done.

Shall continue blogging after I have finished up with my reading.

Have a good day everyone!

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