Wednesday, June 15

6 more days to ALIEP Conference

As much as the heat has been swiftly felt nearer, we as the *committee of the conference begun to take necessary actions and preparations for the registration part. I really hope that the team could execute all the tasks given gracefully, with minor mishaps.

There some things that have been torturing my mind;

1. Traffic

Notice that traffic from SJ/Sunway/Puchong/otherplacesfromGodknowswhere are increasing, day by day every minutes and every second? It droves me insane to experience colourful "manners" of Malaysian driving like listed below..

  • cuts lane without even have the courtesy to give signals;
  • driving slow in the fast lane and fast in a slow lane;
  • talking to the hp while driving (exclude the hands-free wearer)
  • putting make-up in a bumper-to-bumper jam;
  • melodramatic drivers that choose purposely to stop their cars whenever they like while (being a drama) mouthboxing the other person who have kiss thier vehicles **S.

Okayla, will continue later. have some work to do.

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