Thursday, June 30

Learning to count the blessings

How often do yo get to know
that the people closest to you
or just strangers
having blessed with wealth
love and happiness
that brings jealousy
more than envy?
All these joyful things
happening to them
and not to you
makes us questions more
what did they have done a tad bit
to deserve more than what they already have
There is saying that Allah
will eventually filled the holes
that He have made to us
for something better
later in the future
what matters is
perseverance and
continuous prayers
and faith
Dear Allah,
please give me strength
to find solace and peace
to be blessed by Your blessing
in life, work and relationships
please give me undivided faith
and reassurance
please Allah
Never let me slip a day
without counting my blessings
from You
Allahu Akbar,
I seek for your forgiveness
and may I ask for your mercy
to count my family
my friends
my colleagues
for be forgiven from their sins.

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