Tuesday, June 28


I'm having a bad flu.

Thus, despite the heavy head (due to throbing headache) I managed to come in to work. What work since the ALIEP had past? I dont really know.

So, here I am typing this along with other things that have been put away for a while.

I am now taking an interest of latest property development (due to the fact that all these have been shoved up my face by Mr. Hubby) and looking forward to own one someday. (amiin) There are a lot of new development in the progress, one just have to look up their financial statement before investing into one (nowadays the price is near close to ridiculous).

I can say that the traffic around here is worsen day by day. Something need to be done to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Its close to 5 already. Time to go home.

See you.

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