Sunday, June 12

Sunday (Blues?)

First of all, I felt sorry for my friends that have to work today (some state in Malaysia start thier week on Sunday till Thursday) nor that I jealous with the fact that they are off on Fridays. So, to all my friends in SP, happy working ok!

I am going to load some pictures on some stuff to let go, and most of the stuff (like clothes, and maybe other few things) are somehow branded and need a new masterji because the current masterji have had it with clothes set by trend (oh, and also the masterji have grew sideways --> read: the real reason) I ensure that the clothes are in good conditions and will be selling very cheap one! (suddenly felt like my favourite nyonya who sells fish in Pasar Jalan Othman).

FYI, Ayra have taken her first steps yesterday, I am so happy to see my baby girl is growing fast!

On top of that, I have some 'incidents' with one slimming/beauty centre. Will be writing about that in another entry.

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