Thursday, June 9

A long ranting entry about myself.

Today, I opt not to take the long-awaited lunch break (its Friday and it seems that here this kind of action is considered something like wth.) I think of finishing my remaining task before another (ad-hoc, like always) task coming in. So, within the task-performing process, I hope that I can update more on whats going on with me, seeing that it has been quite sometime I have made an entry in this blog.

1. I am beginning to learn the rhythm on how things flow around here. Therefore, since I have shift my career from evolves around private institutions, I hope I will be well-adjusted to fit in as a servant of my country ( and not to mention my race; as it has been ranting all and about around here). I dare not to make any comments on the load and the people just yet because I am certainly in the adjusting phase. I hope my existence here will be welcome warmly by fellow seniors.

2. I have been busy with adjusting myself into motherhood; juggling along with being a student trying to strive for my mission to accomplish my studies on time. During that time, I neglected the fact that I have forgot to take care of myself. The result is horrible. My joints aches if I spent too much sitting or performing duty in the same sitting positions, but I have read for some BF mothers; there is a possibility of decrease of calcium in our body as we have transferred the vitamins and whatnot to the baby while BF. So the symptom of joint pains is often occur in such situation.

I am searching the best way possible to maintain my health, and I am seriously need to get back in shape.

3. I am looking forward to the time where I can be monetary independent; as I am now rely on the 3 months once allowances from my scholarship. It is hard to manage and since I love to shop for my Ayra, (and sometime for myself) and supposedly books and other study stuff, there will be nothing less for me to keep. That too, should take the spot on the list of managing my life.

4. I also need to start to invest myself for a property, but the price in the market nowadays is ridiculously high; it seems like something impossible for me, at this time. But, if I wait any longer the prices will sky high and at that time I will be cursing myself back and questions my decision now. So how?

Again, after all this hustle tone down a little, I need to take a minute to re-assessing my life and organized my goal properly. And for that, I need a heap tons of prayers and patience.

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