Monday, August 15


A quickie note for today

a. I just witnessed a student in a library with a walker refusing help offered to plug in his laptop cable. Such determination should be admired by others.

b. I am spending my time in the library rather than my room because the room is so cold plus, here I can catch up with my reading and preparation for teaching.

c. A small gestures of kindness always diregard by other but the slightest mishaps can be a big juicy thing for other and everyone. Heh, such incidents surely put us in awkward moments.

d. I love the fact that tommorow is a public holiday, I am looking forward to spend time with Ayra every day nowdays.

e. Just heard from person from my past receiving a bundle of joy yesterday. I pray for thier happiness and blissful family.. I am happy for the good news!

f. I felt that there is something missing in my life, but I dont know what is the thing is. I hope I can shed off this feeling because I am in sore need of positive energy around me.

Ok. Bye for now.

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