Thursday, August 11

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

I think it has been quite a while Im jotting a few lines here. So, a few things lingered my mind now..

a) London's riot scares me. I pity Asyraf and I pray for his speedy recovery. Love the statement from his mom though. Tough family. I believe this is the great challenge during Ramadhan they have to endour.

b) I never knew that Lewre is a Malaysian. His quote of "It is not your hair or dress that carries you, it is always have been your shoes." Talk about speadvertise. hehe

c) I miss my ex-classmates UiTM and girlfriends from Sri Aman. Should put together a breaking fast gathering soon.

d) I haven't have the time (and money) yet to shop for Raya. Only have the opporturnity to send to the tailors some materials. I think that should be enough for me. Let me concerntrate on Ayra's part. Thats more fun to shop to.

e) I am now getting anxious and nervous at the same time, as the date of the next semester is getting closer..

Tara. Will continue later.

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