Wednesday, January 11

Cant get enough of it.

The thing with money is that we will never get enough of it. Some situation may add to the confirmation to this statement.

Situation 1.

Venue Sunway Pyramid. The hooded jacket that have been a big craze for the ladies ( refer to JLo Music vid, Jenny from the block) that year it is sold for Rm250++ . But this year, nearly 10 years from that the same pattern, but with some improvization of bejewelled hoodie; the price is not less than RM500.


Situation 2

I learn that the more older we get, our facial regime will be add one bottle at a time. From the basic wash, tone, moisturize.. now we have wash, tone, impurities solution, dark circle cream, anti-wrinkle, serums, oil control moisturizer and the list can go on and on but still the candles on our cake increasing one stick at a time and also a line a year for the face. So, where is the money goes and where is the results?

nan ado.

Situation 3.

Last 5 years, I wish that my salary is a few hundred dollars more. And now, I STILL wish my salary is a few hundred dollars more.

Dulu nak Carlo Rino, sekarang nak Coach.
Dulu pakai Vincci, sekarang paling busuk pun Charles and Keith.

Perempuan kan?

Do we get tired of wanting more?


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