Thursday, January 5

Hot in Cleveland (and Puncak Perdana).

It has been a hot sunny day for me here. The air-conditioner is broken (again and still for the last 2 months), forcing me to get myself a desk fan.

So now there will be no i-feel-hot-sweaty-excuses for not to doing the marking and submit it on time, heh?

Happy is what I need now. Happy and money that is.

Talking about money, I can still remember during my yesteryear, working as a library officer day and night (were on shift schedules) and on how I dream to have a tad bit of a few hundred dollars more monthly.

The dream have become intense year after year, and its driven me to take a leap in taking the chance to further my studies. Those days.. :) (through thick and thin.)

Someone from my previous employment organization had told me, if I felt any resentment crawling up slowly into my soul, please remember to look back in your past and count your blessings.

That thought have always made my day a little bit sunnier. :)


Everywhere now people start to judge poor 17 A's Amelina. Can you people just let it be? There are tons of teenagers like her going through similar situation but since they don't mark the world with achievement, and still post all sort of their happy pictures, well they do not being criticized as bad, don't they?

She just want to lead her life, so let her be. When she achieve such tremendous excellence, the whole nation wanted to share every piece of her. But now when she just being herself by having a fun uni time,

who are you to judge?

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