Tuesday, April 3

A and B and C

Let me see, I have several things on my mind right now.

A. Ayra

As she is nearly getting to that *"TT" stage in her life, she is now getting smarter by mental coordination ( know where to put things at familiar places, know when to say thanks after getting something etc..) and also physical coordination (dancing, running, imitating how her grandparents walk and talk, etc). I need to prepare myself as the growth of my sweet daughter highly depends on the influence of the parents.


I felt sooooo adult.


B. Birthday

Yeah, yeah I have hit that 3 series. No longer in my teens and some (not me) say that I am far inside the adulthood circle. Funny, because I don't feel that I am 'adult' enough to deserve that title.

It is supposed to be a celebration, extravaganza all sort but I choose to mellow it down a bit this year, to symbolized the adulthoodness and level of maturity that I am supposed to be on.

C. Classes

So far, my classes and students serves me okay. I dont dwell on the negatives part because perfection does not comes in with structured elements.



Okay, thats that for now.

Smile always people.

*TT is an abb. for Terrible Two, this is the phase where the child is experiencing and experimenting with thier feelings; anger, sad, happy, excited, gloomy and whats not.

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Sky Before Pinky said...

a little princess (dulu..lah).. skrg dah semakin bijak..ehehe..