Thursday, July 5

What is with me nowadays?

Hello blog.

For most of the time, I don't feel the need to blog anymore nowadays. Maybe because everything can be done through FB and twit, but with that also I seldom update enough.

For most of things happen around me everyday, I like to keep it to myself, I have learn from several situations where expressing our ideas or opinions can be a very dangerous thing, whats with me being in this sector.

I wish I could be the real me, but to think of it I don't think I need anything influence me to be anybody that I'm not supposed to be. Sometimes, it is safer to be reserved.

Ok, done with the babbling.

The semester just ended, meaning there will be no more classes for the next 8-9 weeks and also there are tons of papers need to be assess; finals, projects, tests, assignments. Why do I choose to be in this position, I wonder myself sometimes. (hehe) but still when this thought came, I will start to count my blessings.

Alhamdulillah for all the things that I have now.

It is now a year that I have been in this industry. What I can say is there is still a lot of things that I need to learn, to relearn. Every steps taken, and every lectures given reminded me of old times with friends, where time is taking for granted and classes is just another activities to fill up our days. I am still having some difficulties in my awkwardness where my former lecturers have become colleagues; but so far its all good.

I have to work on my professionalism.

 Life besides works however have deteriorated, since I am still busy scheduling and juggling most works at a time, I hope that I can have a short break after this. I miss outing with friends.

That's that for now, I need to get back to my papers. Students' handwriting can make one have a headache. Sigh.

It is now Syaaban,  and I hope good things awaits my family and I for now, and later in the future, and forever. I pray for a better future, health and wealth. Amiinn.

*Jadikanlah aku  orang yang bersyukur Ya Allah, sekiranya timbul riak atau takbur di hati ini Kau kikiskanlah dan buanglah ia jauh, dan gantikanlah dengan jiwa yang tenang dan sentiasa merendahkan hati disisiMu.Kau ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku Ya Allah, Kau bantulah aku untuk terus tabah atas ujian-ujianMu. Sesungguhnya Kaulah Tuhan yang Maha Berkuasa Semesta Alam.

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin

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