Monday, November 5

Why does beauty exist?

See? I'm back already. I am free now until the late evening. There are still some works that need to be done, but that can wait.

A quick flashback;

1. Ayra is currently experiencing with her tantrums and she just love to scream loudly in between her parents conversation. I just dont know what to do sometimes. Most of the time, I would just ignore, but that seems not to be working.

2. I would love to have a mini break now, but my schedules says nay, not until February. So, yeah no vacay for me yet.

Its been a while since I have my proper beauty day. I am opt for much more simpler, quicker solutions now since the physical is expanding sideways; and the luxury of having monetary freedom to shop is now gone; my objectives of life evolves around my daughter instead. Result from this, you get me now; selekeh and whatnot.I am in this state of denial; and with the new phrases of bountiful, big is beautiful, voluptuous and more makes me wonder how we see beauty.

According to Jonah Lehrer (2011), saying that beauty is a particularly potent and intense form of curiosity. It’s a learning signal urging us to keep on paying attention, an emotional reminder that there’s something here worth figuring out. Art hijacks this ancient instinct:  Put another way, beauty is a motivational force that helps modulate conscious awareness. The problem beauty solves is the problem of trying to figure out which sensations are worth making sense of and which ones can be easily ignored.

Well, maybe that's a little more that we can digest, I guess. However, beauty portrays the image of clean, smelling nice and nice-looking.I reckon the fact that attractiveness does however lies on the eyes of the beholder. It is not like there is a benchmarking procedures on how we perceive beauty, you know what I mean..:)

So, any huu.. I am still finding the right moment, collect a large amount of money and time to spend or what we say; pamper myself with everything that makes me beautiful til my heart content.Hmmm.. wishful thinking..

Alamak, I have to do something first. Later continue ok? Tara!!


KeMatZ said...

lama aku tak jenguk ke sini :D

Naftalena 'Nafty' said...

tu lah yg tukang blog pun dh lama tak tulis..:)