Thursday, November 8

This is The Voice!!


Yeah I know its early, but it is not hurting to have a very early day right? Hehe. okay so anybody watched or follow The Voice religiously? I love to watch and see all of them sing, and they did sung their heart out. I wish I had their level of confidence and motivation so that I can 'perform' well in my class.Not that I am going to sing or anything, haha nothing like that. I rather prefer to get busted eating a buffet of foods than caught on singing.

I went to the SACC Mall yesterday after settling some banking errands in PKNS Shah Alam earlier. I had a lot of things pre-plan a day before; to shop a little for Ayra and buy some stuff for myself. I ended up buying nothing. It just like there is no desire to buy anything but everything was and still is pretty and on sale. Hmm.. maybe there is something wrong with me. It seems that my shopping-buds is missing.

I realize that they sell dermalogica in SACC and that they offer a facial too. Yippie! Ohh.. wait, the one that on discount is at the PKNS. Less than RM50 for a facial and they using dermalogica, which is good because their products are awesome! Ladies, please help yourself with a facial, or a full body massage and appear beautiful, fresh and smelling nice and come and see me and fill me in! Haha i love to hear good stories about beauty stuff and shopping.

Tara. Need to prepare for my classes for today.


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