Sunday, January 13

I would love to stay at home ( and doing nothing)

I've listened to red.fm for quite sometime now, love all the tunes. Especially during this hour where everyone prefer to befriend with their red pen and PCs.

Do you still remember how it likes to be a preschoolers? loooong before we know the word Pythagoras, those days are awesome. Nothing but playtime and friends and eating ice cream and hugs kisses from parents. Those warm feeling when you get a hug from our mom and dad at the end of the day was and still is indescribable. I get the same feeling that Ayra is feeling the same way now, and leaving her at her daycare makes my heart leap without joy for the next 7 hours of my time.

I envy those who can take the alternatives to be a stay-at-home mom. I love doing chores, cleaning and scrubbing and whatnot and most importantly I guess the feeling of closeness with children above it all. My mom is a great housewife. She still is until now, I cant compete with her. She can fold clothes faster (and nicer) she can cook tasty and comfort food, she even have added skills like sewing (she once saw me all of my raya kurung until I was a teen) and she also have this amazing strength of having all the chores done before noon, thats when she will take a little rest for prayer and nap and she'll be back in the game folding clothes by 3pm.

So, yeah at this time I prefer to stay at home. Maybe it just me tired of assessing marks talking.


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