Wednesday, January 9

Spanking a Child

Oh, yes im back. It took me several months (or years) to come up with a new entry but now it seems like a staple diet. at least for the past few days.:)

Well, nothing much on work. I would love to write about parenting. Tell me, honestly where do we put the line between scolding a child and spank them? Does it come in a package?

 In my yester-years, I often receive that kind of package and I believe with a little of nag and spankies, what makes me what I am today, in a good sense I mean. Parents during our days was a loving monster where we love to hate them to love them. Yes, with that complexity we survived childhood, teens and also sometimes when life get tough we sometime seek for guidance from our parents, dont we?

Children nowdays (read: mine) often shows their resentment towards anything possible towards spanking. or scolding. or confrontation. They will detour the whole course by acting cute and saying lovely things to us so that they (hope) that we will forget the scolding part. Getting angry to a child is one thing, and getting them to do the right thing under some circumstances is much more difficult.

We Malaysian culture of humbleness makes it worse. One moment, we told our child not to talk to strangers, not to let people give an uncomfortable touch, do not whatnotmore. BUT, we gave them the look when they refuse to 'salam' a strange-looking uncle which we seldom met, We said 'tak baik la auntie tanya tu umur berapa' to them when they refuse to answer questions from an auntie that live abroad and dress strange enough to be considered to be a stranger.

Like, yeah what's that about?

It is like now when we are older...no, mature I mean, we are not supposed to hide behind our every faces to keep up with the politics at work. BUT, we sort of forced to play the game because being something else than what accustomed is somehow, bad for us.

I hope I can be a good parent that will guide children to be the best they can be, and not by what they are expected to be.

It will be hard, I know and I pray for the strength to go through that.

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