Wednesday, February 27

Great Escape

I think its been 2-3 months since our honeymoon; but I've already aching to be somewhere away from urban city.
Maybe its the work that keep piling up; or maybe the slow pace of time and nothing interesting ever happen or about to happen, no events, no invitations, no parties to attend, no friends to gossips and loiter together..
Or, maybe it just me.
Lately, I'm no mood for whatever reason concerning work, chores, and activities that need physical strains. Not that I'm carrying little feet and hands; mind you, but I have this urge to just lay still on bed or couch all day long. But to do that means I have the risk to grow myself bigger sideways..hehe..
The election day is coming up. Not that I'm going to vote (please dont let my boss know that; otherwise he's going to pester me to work on that very day) since I dont know how and who to vote for. Can I simply reactify the government party and become voters or do I have to 'make changes' and vote for idealistic opponent? Both ways have thier pros a cons I supposed. If I do vote for the govt. party, and maybe dislike the idealism that they carry, is that going to make a different? Or should I just 'make changes' and vote the much anticipating, and also realistic opponents that surely going to lose? So, what different have I make resulting from vote?
Eish, I think I'm going to start voting for the next election.
There are some regret for not registering to become voters earlier, But maybe in later years. There are saying that 'Ones that dont vote, cant complaint' .
Pity me.
For those who've registered; be proud because you're one step closer in choosing your own leader. Let it be because thier leadership, charisma and unity-minded and also confident enough to bring changes to the community.
Choose, the power is in your X.

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