Monday, March 3

The Wardrobe battle and Home Improvement

I can’t say that I have a relaxing weekend although it is not my turn to work last Saturday. I have gone through my wardrobe for some serious rearrangement. You see, when you’re already married to someone who has a lot of clothes and pants and shoes; you have to set aside spaces for easy retrieval. This is hard decision when you only have limited spaces to work with.
It is become harder if your partner is making a sour look/not helping/ hurrying you up. But mine is nothing like that. He helped me through it until the end of it. Thanks, Sai..
At last, after many disagreements of what need to be here, and that’s –not- right -you -have to- fold- it –twice; and also a lot of new hangers, I felt contented with my hard work and a newly arranged wardrobe.

Let’s just hope it will be that way for a lot longer.

To celebrate our newly arranged life, my husband decide to treat me (actually it is the other way around but never mind) with a lunch and movie. We saw Vantage Point; this is a movie where you will feel like walking out the door after 30 minutes and curse. The first 20-30 minutes it will only give you flashback in rewind version starting at the same time, EVERY TIME. This happen around 3-4 times during the entire movie. So, I think the actor should have been paid less as they only repeat the same script all over again for different scenes. However, the shooting scenes and some stunt do amazed us. Overall, we rated it as an OK movie.
We had our lunch at Waroeng Penyet. Tasty and affordable and both of us could not help being flabbergasted by their promo that sounds ‘Rasanya Menendang!”.Indonesian language is colorful, I tell you.

I don’t feel I need to jot down whatever I’ve been doing on Sunday; because it’s all routine went-to-in-laws-and-help-fixing-the-place things that we have to do when we are there. For so many months now, I dragged myself to be there. It’s maybe appear selfish, but the thing is that you have been doing the same, tiring, and tedious chores every single time you give a visit; may give you the ultimatum. Luckily until now, everyone can still handle the pressure. I love my in-laws very much and they do love me back. I just need to cope with the amount of energy need to revitalized.

No one turns into the green-eyed monster. Yet.

If you have to move to a new house with so much stuff and you can’t figure out where to put it, so you know what I’m talking about.I just hope that finally we all can have peace in our mind.

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