Monday, March 10

Hoping for Malaysia's Best product.

I am having a training for digitization course as I am writing this at PNM. I feel like a newly freshened designer; not knowing that I have the talent all this while; and not aware of the usage either.

As the Malaysian had just selected Malaysian leaders to voice out thier needs and wants; the topics are hot on everyone plates. It is not that we are going to topple down the government entirely; after all they have done something right to be able to minister for half a century. Something had been done well when we are developing like any other countries. So, they dont have to take the blame of not doing a good job, only the nations wanted more than that.

And the corruption inside the government wall havent contribute to the fame of the party.Isnt it amazing how money and wealth can alter one’s integrity.

Let just hope for the newly merged government to perform its duty to serve us the civillians in a proper way without any perjudice and political interest.

Pray for Malaysia’s prosperity and peace.