Wednesday, March 12

Stories to be told.

I often wonder how it felt to be a reporter/paparazzi/journalist; having to met or chase people around to cover their stories to make a living. As we all know, it is for high-risk taker only. I hope they are paid well too.

Everyday, we are being served by various aspect of stories, news and reports. A one-day length of news that are valuable today; thrash tomorrow. The span of news life are becoming narrower seeing that there is a lot of newspapers and magazines in Malaysia.

To all my fellow friends who are working in this line, I salute you!

Have you all remember one of the scene in Bujang Lapok (vintage, i know) where the character plays by A (i think its Aziz Satar) and A1 (Apek la sape ntah..)

A: Ini berapa ringgit lu mau angkat Apek?
A1: Ini aaa.. (kira2, congceng2) lima puloh sen!
A: Aiiiiiihhhhh.. apa pasal murah sangat, saya beli satu keping tiga puloh sen! (sambil buat muka marah and I'm sure tengah bertenggong)
A1: Saya bli mukan mau bace..

*scene di atas telah diedit ikut sukahati aku; not sure wether its the exact words, but you guys know what I'm trying to say right?

I'm sure people back then and people nowdays not very different from the way they treat news; only a fractions of awareness maybe if there is one.

Being someone working in that kind of line; I am certain that they all have a broader mind and broader perspective on issues, and most importantly sharpen thier judging skills towards results and consequences happening in everyday life.

Early teen, I want to be a writer or reporter for a newspaper. (Not TV News, people. aku pemalu orangnye.) Since I'm sucks with numbers; and I can't seem to have any interest in sciences (earlier, I wanted to be a Doctor. but with my PMR result.. lupakan sahaja..) the only subjects I'm good at are languages. And maybe arts. but there is one incident during my art class, I'm trying to sketch a pretty little canary (a bird) and ended up my canary looks like a very big and hedious peacock, and a branch of a tiny tree.

Haha. Those days I tell you..

Back to my story here, since then I admire thier writings and I never had a day goes by without reading the newspaper. Even the adverts.


I get to know the existance of 'internet'.

Bottom line, I want to be a writer; but I am not qualified then I become what I am today.

Close enough.

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