Thursday, March 6

Work Stress..

There are some points I need to cover for today's entry.
1. I hate reading the newspaper these days. All these media made it clear to us that they are being a straw (sluuuurrrrp) behind the ass-es of the big Shot.
2. The weather nowdays made it hard for me to predict to wash or not to wash my husband and my own working clothes. If you see me wearing baju kurung in a row, meaning I dont have time to do the laundry yet.
3. The workload season is coming up. The request keep pouring in, its keeping me buzy and nuts at the same time. Feel like having a break, but it just not a profound choice at the moment.
4. Read somewhere about having a soak in a warm tea water pool can reduce the mycoses and also soften the skin. Should consider that to ease the throbing pain around this ankle.
5. There's a wedding this weekend; and another weekend coming up. I dont feel like mingling during the wedding. Just not up to it. I will bore myself rotten. Believe me.
6. Met old time friend yesterday, awed for his advanced fashion sense. accompany him to search for a pair of suspender ( I mention to you, his in advanced level) and found one attractive one. Eat, laugh a little, catching up on the latest gossips before he sent me back to the office. Thanks dude, lain kali kite lepak2 lagi ok.
7. There some movements identify to sabotage the GE. Yeke? So where should the ink purchased around 2.4 million (Im not going to start where they source the money from) will go?
8. Last night, near my house area (Seri Setia) there is some campaign talk by the govt party. They called Alleycats and astronauts man to 'memeriahkan majlis'. If not because the heart-rob Sheikh Muzhappar and 'Terima Kaseeyyyy' I dont think anybody will show up. Please people distinguish between bribe and setting the matters straight. Sometime I think they just playing with the mindset of most intermediate-income people.
9. I am not being bias, but I often went to 'ilmiah talk' conducted by opposition-candidate. The rumours saying they always talk down dirty about the politics; is not true at all. Maybe it just him. (or her)
10. My birthday is coming up. Cant wait to feel terribly old again.

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