Monday, June 9


First, it was the cooking oil; then the flour, followed by rice and now petrol.

Price-hike have done and will always do us no good. I'm not going to elaborate more on this as there are many blogs including former PM, Dr.M's include made this headline one hot story.

If the government depend on our cooperation to understand this issue by subsidizing a few cents per day, and the subsidized amounted per year basis only came in once; I'd to say that they have hired a wrong person to do the calculation.

Enough of that.

I've read one the blogs suggesting a 40% salary increment too; since the heat of the hike only felt by most non-government servants, and maybe I'll hint something to my HR later.


I'll let that rest.

One of the things I missed the most is to hangout; laid-back time in any mamak or cafe and have a loooong, blissful and karut talks with dearie friends. Back in our singles era, we always arranged some get-together and no matter how we all ended up having a great time.

I truly missed that.

Lucky me as I married one of my besties, so hanging out till late night is not a no-no option. Only all other friends had many other responsibilities.

That's why I can classify as a big couch-sinker and loser with no life at all now.

Dont you think its too early for me to PMS-talk?

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