Monday, June 23

To have more or settle with what we have?

Standing in a long queue of waiting for opportunities to arrived; and yet when it did we raise every doubt we can think of.

One thing for sure; never trusts your zodiac saying. I used to gawk and relate my life line to the zodiac sign as if there is the future interpreter. Usually, they will have one or two related but most of all are rather fantasies of the writer.

Sorry, but I don’t really want or need someone else to tell me my life is beautiful today and ugly tomorrow.

Well, until I’m running out of entertainment ideas.

Tell me, how can you live your life peacefully? Without any sudden increase of chronic needs and wants? (Yeah, I’ve considered imagine myself to live in a cave or jungle but we are no Tarzan and Jane)

When we say our life is just like our world; rounded and spinning; do we actually want to be the bottom part of the cycle? Or life is more than having enough money and power? (Beside love of course. even that is just too cliché, don’t you think)

I would love to have a free time, with a free access to everything to recollect my thoughts and my dreams. (Of course dreaming of having that will remain a dream.) To throw everything out and do my own ‘thoughts- recollecting’ is rather wasted- economically.

Am I turning into a ghost for my own soul? Chasing something static and physical than acknowledge the ones I had?

Am I turning into a hungry, dry, self-centered person whom I thought I always hate? Chasing dreams of unlimited success or settles with the ordinaries and live life freely and easy?

Get me a panadol.

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