Wednesday, July 2

Inflation in our way?

There's two things lingering in front of my eyes right now.

One, the mirage of having super duper cold (winter the best) vacation with my husband; probably north cost of Aussie or sexy vacation in Koh Samui during the Full Moon.

Two, maybe closer too reality is imagining some known people (from the office?naaah.. maybe some celeb or politician) to get stuck under 6 tan lorry rather than the poor Myanmar fella.

The reality is that now is not the time for me esspecially to take a break; the one I've been longing for. So much to do and the uncertainty of the big moving project also caused stress and downsizing the staff of this department contribute to my ever-growing madness. Still, as long as we're working under the people that giving us the end-needs, no complains avail.

I am not sure to be angry or frustrated, confused or tired. Whining doesnt help either.

I'm holding my breath tight and head up high to go through this difficult moments.

Speaking of that, I read somewhere that the nations will be under inflation anytime soon. I really hope it will stay as rumours. Seeing the current hike of almost everything since the petrol price goes up; searching a new way to gain extra income should be the only chance to make more money.

There are saying sme companies (Martell, Penang and Nestle, PJ) starting to downsizing staff. I am quite sure that this year the companies (especially the smaller ones) will not increasing thier budget or worst; puffed up in the air.

Hold on tight.

We're about to experience one hell of a ride. I really hope I was wrong.


Adam-ArJuna said...

for my opinion, we are in inflation now. some companies had already downsized thier company work-flow by cutting unperform staff salary and and giving 'the love letter' to the staff who they think not perform well for the company benefits. Pathetic!! its just what i can say. with this new economic era, people should think forward to increase their liabilities not decrease their manpower team of work. Just imagine if people got no job to live price of goods and services are getting hingher and higher evrday...and who gonna buy it...?? who gonna contribute to the growth of our economics lifestyle...its still doesnt change anything...

mazlan said...


Calm down. Calm down

maybe we have to hear what the government should say about all these.