Thursday, October 9

Eid with InLaws at JB


How's your Raya? Mine was (and still) ok. Alhamdulillah. Although its not really a kampung, but surrounded by family members and the non-stop chit-chatting really soothes my skeptical thoughts of city people.

Us at Tengku Mahkota Johor's Open House

1. This is my first time celebrating Raya, attending the TMJ's open house at Istana Pelangi in JB. There was a lot of people and surprisingly the majority is Chinese. A lot of stalls been held to cater all the people attending the open house.

Meet the In-Laws

2. My husband came from a small family. Any extended members more than 5 people can consider as 'many'. He promised me to celebrate Raya on my side of family next year, which is definitely more than 5 people. Let's see what he has to say about that, eyh?

A day before Raya at JB

3. A day before Raya is the most hectic one, I must say. My In Laws insisted of having to cook variety of dishes; Rendang, Nasi Tomato, Dalca Kambing, and so forth. Preparation was done early that noon, and by the time it finished is already after breaking fast.

Sister InLaw and Her Hubby, Kak Sue and Abang Faday.

4. I love my Sis-in-Law. Without her, maybe our Raya will be a bit on a gloomy side. It is always fun when she and her hubby were around to entertain us with thier witty remarks.

Us watching TV

Our Raya now is over, or at least the holiday is. Maybe for the next couple of weeks we will be busy attending open houses and weddings. I am trying to get back on track to maintain my figure; as the lemang and ketupat now have fed my ever-growing appetite that need to be contained.


We both longing for a vacation away from home, but could not decide on one.


Now have to find inner strength to motivate ourselves to start working..




Adam Arjuna said...

"My In Laws insisted of having to cook variety of dishes; Rendang, Nasi Tomato, Dalca Kambing, and so forth."

..then i keep wondering. what exactly u do..?? hurmmm....

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

huh.. tu tak percaya aku bley masak le tu..

aku masak air la.. hehehe