Tuesday, October 14

Bila Meneeeebang...

Dagang kemari bangun berkampung
Bersatu adat terbilang seni
Alun madali gema senandung
Sama sepakat membina janji

Those are the words taken from a song called “lagu zapin dan ghazal”.

I am a big fan of cultural shows; and I enjoy traditional performance of any forms. Ghazal is one of my favourites.

Ghazal came from Persian; with their melodic percussion instruments and poetic lyrics. They came way before rhythm and poetry (RAP) and can be considered the most hip street’s performance during their glory.

The core value of a good ghazal or zapin is how to put the words into beautiful and meaningful sentences. Good rhythm and lyrics makes it popular and everlasting.

Everytime I see people performing the zapin dance, I became excited. It is always best to see the kids performing the zapin, they are too cute to ignore like synchronize butterfly; I always called them that.
Their faces and gestures makes me want to grab one and bring it home.

Let us start searching for zapin dance and ghazal music to fill up our media player.

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