Tuesday, October 21

Killer Love Tag

NH unofficially tag me. So here goes;

1. How many time have you been in love?

With human being; hmm.. let see. I think 5, more or less. With shoes and handbags; trillion times. and still counting.

2. 3 songs that make you remind of him?
Mariah Carey, My All. KC and Jojo, All My Life. Spider, Relaku Pujuk. Layan.

3. What is the romantic thing that you do for him, or she do for you?
Myside- I've give him a foot massage before soaking together in a foamed tub arranged earlier. Bliss.

His side- Bought me flower after a huge fight while we both still studying in Puncak. Cair~

4. 3 nicknames she uses to call you?
Yu, Yang and babe. Geli, I know but sweet kan.

5. List 3 places you go with him?
Uitm, Cinema and In Law's.

6. What is the best memories with him? (picture is better)
Our honeymoon trip. And oh cant forget the broken drive shaft. Lucky for us we are in the neighbourhood already. Aiya!

7. What is his birthday, if you remember?
A week before mine.

8. List gifts from him that you like?
Let me see; perfumes, clothes, shoes, handbags, sequined kurung, enggagement and wedding ring, diamond bracelet, and owh, himself.

9. How you declare your love to her (man), or how you accept his love (woman)?
In a classroom. We've both sense there are something going on between us but never spoke about it. Always have tinggling feeling when we both seat together.One day, he reached my hand and hold it. Hehehe.. Jiwa melayang wa cakap lu~

10. How long you take to forget him?
Never ever. Dont want to.

11. What is her physical part that you like about him?
His eyes, his smile, his bonts. His v-shaped hair.

12. What is he doing right now?
Probably working. Or having his tea break.

13. Can you accept him back if she want to?
Most definitely. Hey we are talking about exes or current partner here? **afraid of lari tajuk.**

14. Have you contact his(ex) when you with your partner?

15. Have you done something inappropriate with him(ex) before?
Hehe. yeah.

16. Did you go out with him(ex), without been known by your partner?
Hell No.

17. 2 things from him(ex) that you keep, without been known by your partner?
Hatred and memories.

18. Do you think your relationship with him(ex) is hotter than with your partner?
Define hot?

19. Do you hide something in your mobile phone from your partner?

20. Have you cheated or try to cheat your partner?

21. Who should do this tag?
Someone who have enough time to do some self-research while the work is pilling up. Hehe.

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