Tuesday, October 28

A Speech for my Newly-Wed Friend..

I can still remember such chaos and crazy we were back then. During schooling years; a day is not wasted for studying but to craps and loiter was our main objectives. We never party ( as much!) and never take anything serious. Towards the end of Form 5, we managed to pull ourselves together and pretended that there was more life than having fun for a while.

When there was only the two of us left; everyone went to matrics or overseas to further their studies; we stood by each other waiting for UPU intakes and worked part-time for earning a little bit more for us to spend time together at the mall or cinema.

We both went for our studies and eventhough we were in different vicinity, we remain close.After graduating, we both work ourselves and eventhough the time spent have lessen but we still love each other as much.

And then, we fall in love with them.

Although one stories can be colourful from others; but bottom line is, we have choose to lead life with our darlings together for adulthood and blisfull marriage.


Even when you are far away in the arms of your loved ones, let your thoughts fall backwards once in a while to remind you of all the things we have been through together.

May you lead a happy, infinity blissful life as a wife and a mother (soon, I hope!)


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