Wednesday, November 5

In the name of healthy lifestyle..

I need to make some things clear first before I start raving about this information;

1. This is not a multi-level company trying to snatch your every penny

2. There is no need to be a member nor there are fees for 'introductory'

3. It is legally registered and produced under scholar supervision.

4. This is based on personal experience.

5. If you are interested; you can browse through by clicking the picture on your left.

6. If you are not interested, heck just read through because you already here.

Okay. I always be the one who will be very, VERY skeptical about newly-invented health products seeing there are so many of them in the market right now. Most of it will claim about the same thing; for general health/blood circulation improvement or the Malaysian favourite; to increase sexual or genital amusement. How I hate the late night advert about this one 'minyak lintah' products indicating how strong the men can be when taking the products until it shaken the house?


Anyway, as you all know yours truly had an exaggerated-dramatize minor operation 2 months ago. I have a malfuntioned (see? I am so drama-q) appendices and punctured- proc for my ovarian cyst.

I can say that recuperating was faster with the help of 'pati ikan haruan' (because I dont know what 'haruan' means in English) and Natural Coconut Oil or known as Minyak Kelapa Dara. (MKD)

Lets put away the pati ikan haruan a while. We definitely know how bad it taste ( like yesterday's saliva) and rotten smell like something have died a long time.

First, after having to forced myself to gulp down a bottle of pati ikan haruan; I quickly take a table-spoon of MKD. The smell and the taste had gone.

Like wuf! vanished. From that moment on, I give a little bit; maybe a glance of interest in knowing more about this MKD.

MKD is a coconut oil obtained by fermentation process. The process is the same like letting the car outside house overnight, and the morning after they will be a prickled watery based we named 'embun' that have been through the process of referming atomic molecule resulting to produced natural, pure weightless water.(and as for MKD, it is pure, colorless weightless coconut oil). That is why the MKD have 0% of fatty acids and it is used also for reducing cholesterol (and kilos) on ones body.

MKD consist of about 90% of saturated acids. There is a lot of scientific names and it is beyond my empowered knowledge to explain the chain acid reactions turning it into a metabolism device for anti-virus defences.

MKD also have a high consistency of lauric acids, the same minerals produced by mother's milk.

And.. no, the MKD does not do miracle to your penis's strength nor gripping any loose ligaments.Bluekk.. hehe.

Although having to nyonyot the teks of our other half is rather exhilarating; and not to mention kinky, instead you can purchase it in a great deal here. (I promise you it will be more cheaper from what's in the market, and oh.. only pregnant woman produce milk, just to inform you guys.)

I am starting my 2nd bottle now. It is too early to tell, I will update you with any latest development on the weight loss as well as health wise.

Read through, ask around and get the info more at naftyruffey@gmail.com or go to the website here


LeenA said...

aku rse aku dh kurus...ko nmpk x??lately aku mengurus???


Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

maybe kot.. yeye.. lepas ni boleh buat testimoni..

sebelum n selepas..