Thursday, November 20

Another Tag.

I am not sure wether I've been tag for this one; but I want to do it. (pinjam ye Fetty..)

5 most CRAZIEST things accomplished in your life

-- Completing my degree with only 4 hours sleep through out the entire 2 last semester.

-- Letting go of my past in order to have a better; uncertain future. Alhamdulillah so far it is coing around good.

-- Found a job that truly challenging and the automation take process same time as my wedding progress for 6 months.

-- Able to pay for my study loan, home expenses, monthly car loan, everyday breaktime meals and still able to squeeze out a little bit of saving and shopping. Crazy, but yeah. I can do it. So can you.

-- Able to live life happily as a wife, a daughter and good friend to many. (ini statement perasaan.)

5 words you wish to hear all time
-- I sayang you.
-- You nak beli ape, amik la. I bayar..(huaaahhh.. best gila.)
-- Harini dengan esok sampai tahun depan, you tak payah datang kerja ye. Next month gaji naik.
(haha... bakrupt company.)
-- Nah, amik duit ni.
-- Boleh tak I jadi orang gaji you, tak payah bayar pun takpe.

5 things u love in ur room
-- Cuddly partner
-- Comforter
-- Air cond (penyelamat pada hari yg amat panas..)
-- My drawer cum dresser
-- My bed.

5 last speech you wish to say in your last breath
-- Kalimah Syahadah
-- Ayu mintak maaf ye....(insert beloved names), halalkan makan minum
-- Rilek le.. kite jumpa di alam lain nanti ..(haha, ye la cool sangat kalau macam tu.)

5 things u do when get bored
-- Internet surfing
-- Newspaper reading
-- Escape into a good story book
-- Try on new recipes
-- Call my friends and catch up with latest gossips

5 persons u LOVE MOST
-- Myself
-- Hubby
-- My parents
-- My Inlaws
-- My brothers
-- My girls
-- My Cat

5 silly things that u dont want people know but u have to let people know

-- I am moody; but I like to be known as a happy go lucky 'gua-takde-hal' to all.

-- I dislike people telling me that I am fat; or naming me names that indicating my physical appearance.

-- I really, really hate people critisizing my outfits; because I never bother to do so with anyone else except my closest friends.

-- I dont gossips to people nor about people around me in working environment. I appreciate if they can respect that and do the same thing.

Choose 1 and tell why:

Shoe or handbag
Shoes. no. Handbags.no. shoes..(can i have both?)

Lipstick or mascara
Mascara.. I prefer lipbalm and I dislike too much colour on my Tyra Bank' lips. (blueekk!!)

Jeans or skirt

Chocolate or ice-cream
Chocolate ice cream can ah?

Singapore or Indonesia
Indonesia.. maybe I can afford to shops more.

Fork or chop stick

January or February
Yg mana lagi banyak cuti?

Abdullah Badawi or Anwar Ibrahim
Karam Singh Walia.. boleh?

So next the tag goes out to this 5 lucky person..

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LeenA said...

ayu, cat ko termasuk dlm golongan "person" ker??? ekekeke