Friday, November 21

Let off a bit of steaming stress on the air, y'all..

A week from now, we going to move to the end of 2008. There's a lot of things and goals need to be achieve with too little time left.

Anyway, I have put an interest to watch 'Los and Faun' as claimed by Afdlin himself as the most wacky, hilarious movie ever in Malaysia.

I admire his confidence. Let see if the movie is as good as he said.

Abang Afdlin, pinjam banner nak promote..

There are a few of inquiries about Minyak Kelapa Dara (refer to my previous entry) and I thanked you all for your attention. However, any MKD matters will be reply via emails as I wanted my blog to remain for personal entertainment only.

A few of friends; be it couples and singles have been busy planning for vacations and get together to enjoy the end of a good year. Maybe a BBQ or a nice dinner somewhere secluded for us to spend time and have fun together would be the best option.

Thinking of it makes me smile (alone) and start to mentally organizing the what-to-wear, whose-coming, what-king-of-food, how-much-budget..

(Heh. keja sendiri tak siap ade hati nak organize party konon.)

But then again, tak saba. hehehe..

Let's partayyyyyyyy....

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